In what way were the schools different from now?

Amore languages could be studied
Byou could study only ancient languages
Cyou could choose only Latin or Greek

Why mother was worrying about loosing a child?

Abecause she had lost her previous child
Bbecause there was plague

Who/What was responsible for the doubts about William as a writer

Ahe had not been to the university like many other writers
Bhis friend said William had small Latin and less Greek

Where is the answer that Shakespeare was the real writer of his plays?

Bthe plays are of a really professional man of a theatre
Alots of Latin and Greek used

Why couldn't William's father get his house back?

Ahe was short of money
Bthe man who now owned it refused

Why did Henry 8th wanted to divorce?

Ahe wanted a daughter
Bhe wanted a son

What was believed Queen Elizabeth would do about her marriage?

Astay alone
Bmarry a protestant

Why wasn't William an actor at the time when his father stopped going to Town Council meetings?

Ahe was afraid that someone would ask him about his religion
Bthe theatre was not a profession of a gentleman at that time

Why was it difficult to be an actor at that time?

Athere were no professional actors at that time
Btheir plays were checked if there was nothing against protestant belief