Chapter 8 Units 1,2,4


One of the most important duties of a correctional officer is during an emergency is to apply:

Aknowledge, training, reasonable judgment
Bcommon judgement, incompetence, neglect
Cinstruction, principles, preparation
Ddiscipline, destruction, teaching

a nationwide system that conveys emergencies to designated individuals; it is a system or protocol that will be followed depending on the nature of the emergency.

ADocument the Emergency
BIndicators of a Fire
CIncident Command System (ICS)
Dcommand post

who handled the evidence, where the evidence was found, when the evidence was discovered, and how it was handled, transferred, and preserved applies to which of the following?

Acommon equipment used in escape attempts
BInformation necessary to establish a chain of custody
CPerforming an Extinguisher Safety Check
DWho begins the chain of command?

What actions should be taken if a Crime has been Committed?

AEnsure adequate emergency food supplies
BConduct regular & irregular searches
CRecord all activity in/out of scene
DSubmitting complete & accurate report

An officer’s first priority is the __ and ___ of all individuals.

CSafety, Security
ASecurity, danger
BSafety, Trouble
DCover, Concealment

Any ___ can develop into an ___:

AIncident, Emergency
BCircumstance, Occurrence
CExigency, Solution
Dpredicament, solution

An emergency plan, which can include an ICS describes which of the following:

AGuidelines to follow during an evacuation
Bdetermine the protocols for chain of command
CStandard Procedures During an Escape
DWho begins the chain of command?

The first person on scene begins it, and will make decisions and be in charge until relieved by command staff applies to which of the following:

AVerifying the Type of Emergency
BResources used to address a medical emergency
CHow does the chain of command work in an Emergency
DChain of command

Date, time, place, people involved, when they arrived and left, what time outside agencies were contacted, and the scope, nature, and status of the emergency.

AVerifying the Type of Emergency
BWhat details must be included when documenting an emergency?
CImportant details an Officer should know in case of emergencies
DHow does the chain of command work in an Emergency?

a strategic point away from the emergency that will receive all communications and make all major decisions during an incident or emergency.

BStation 1
CCommand Post

Chain of command is which of the following:

Adefines the order of authority and responsibility that joins one level of an organization to another
Bthe first person on the scene
CIncident Commander
DChief Officer

Resolving an Incident or Emergency involves what?

AThe emergency plan, which can include an ICS
BA disturbance can be handled with minimal staff.
CDefusing the Situation & returning the facility to normal operations
Dinhalation, ingestion, absorption, and injection.

Devices used to create a Perimeter:

Ainternal gates, sally ports, roll gates, doors, and cross fences.
Belectrical; e.g., appliances, panels, switches
Cinhalation, ingestion, absorption, and injection.
DIf the situation is not being successfully resolved.

Elements of Proper Evidence Handling:

Aa resource used as a guide during HAZMAT incidents; provided by the DOT
BCheck gauge for charge ,Check hose and nozzle.
CUse personal protective equipment (PPE), which must be put on outside of the crime scene, Properly document and secure the item through appropriate chain of custody, Correctly identify the type of bag or container to use for the type of evidence being gathered.
DThe first person on scene begins it, and will make decisions and be in charge until relieved by command staff.

Actions that should be taken to Manage Victims, Witnesses & Suspects:

Aaccounting for all on-duty staff and visitors • checking security of the facility • administering first aid to the injured • separating ringleaders and agitators • performing a strip search of all involved inmates according to agency policy • conducting an institutional inmate count • debriefing staff • conducting a thorough investigation of the riot • repairing damage
BSeparate them physically & visibly (no communication) • Identify Who is Who • Detain/Restrain uncooperative subjects • Observe & document injuries or Lack Of injuries • Interview witnesses - fill out statements • Notify supervisor Who is Who • Get Basics of what happened
CDetermine if a Crime Occurred • Officer Safety (#1 concern) • Notify Supervisor • Determine Who was involved • Administer Aid (#2 priority) • Remove all parties NOT involved • Preserve Evidence/Scene - Establish a Perimeter • Limit Access to Scene • Record all activity in/out of scene • Use as many officers as necessary to protect the scene • DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING
DKnow where the equipment is located & maintain certification for using the equipment

Any item or fact that may exonerate a person from guilt or may be considered:

BProbable Cause
Cfruits of a crime
Delements of a crime

Which of the following is a guideline to follow during an evacuation:

Ause elevators for evacuation
BConduct an inmate count before reaching the evacuation area
CObtain copies of inmate rosters for identification and counting.
Dmove people the quickest way possible to a safe, secure area.

To maintain safety and security and preserve possible evidence an officer should do the following:

Aleave an inmate who may be a victim or perpetrator unsupervised
Bdo not leave an inmate who may be a victim or perpetrator unsupervised
CGive clear and concise commands
DAccount for everyone who was in the facility

The term (ICS) stands for:

AIncident Commander System
BIncident Command Service
CIncident Command Standards
DIncident Command System

In regards to Responding to an Emergency Situation which of the following is the first task that should be performed:

ASetting up a Perimeter
BResolve the Incident or Emergency
DVerify the Incident or Emergency

The level of _____ assistance is determined by the level of ____.

Cadditional, threat
Aemergency, resistance
Broutine, force
Dadditional, damage

A crime scene should be immediately cleared of _____ and all other unauthorized persons


Control ___ and _____ the crime scene by restricting access to unauthorized personnel.

Caccess, isolate
Amovement, Isolate
Baccess, monitor
Dinmates, visitors

You need to isolate any sexual assault victim to prevent loss of evidence by doing which of the following:

Dputting the victim in a dry cell
Bputting the victim in dry clothes
Cputting the victim in a wet cell
Aremove the victim from a dry cell

If an officer must enter a crime scene to render aid they shall do the following:

Cdo not rearrange or move anything
Brearrange and move anything
Aonly rearrange or move anything if it is evidence
Drearrange items per the incident commander request

Protecting the scene of a crime by preserving the area as well as possible evidence helps minimize:


While Managing Victims, Witnesses, and Suspects an officer should conduct an inmate count:

Bas soon as possible
Aas soon as the incident commader say so
Cas soon as the emergency occurs
Das soon as the incident is resolved

Which of the following Physical indications that an inmate may have been involved in a crime:

Blabored breathing
Aeagerness to assist
Csweating profusely
Dinmate criminal history