Outliers Quiz Two


How many hours does it take to gain mastery over a skill?

DA lifetime

The reason that people born in January-March dominate major league hockey (or soccer or baseball) is

ABeing born in the winter makes you physically stronger
CRandom chance
DLittle leagues' selection process ends up giving older children more practice time

Gladwell says "If we put the stories of hockey players and the Beatles and Bill Joy and Bill Gates together, I think we get a more complete picture of the path to success". What he means by this is

AAthletes, musicians, and computer programmers are special. Their brains are different from those of other people. This is why they do well in their fields
BSuccess is all about effort. If you try hard enough, anything is possible. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor or where you live or who you know. Hard work wins the day.
CAt certain times in history, the world rewards certain talents. In the twentieth century people pay for sports events, music, and software so that's why these people profit. You have to figure out what career is most lucrative in your time.
DPeople do well if they put in a tremendous amount of effort. There has to be some talent, but this talent must be nurtured through daily practice. Being in a position to be offered the time and space to practice is a matter of luck to some extent. But if you take advantage of opportunities that come your way and focus on a goal, you win.

Gladwell says "This was Terman's error. He fell in love with the fact that his Termites were at the absolute pinnacle of the intellectual scale--at the ninety-ninth percentile of the ninety-ninth percentile--without realizing how little that seemingly extraordinary fact meant." Why?

ATermites are still bugs. No matter how intelligent they seem, there is a limit to their capacity to exercise higher brain function.
BA fertile mind is more important to success in life than just a high IQ. After a certain point, intelligence stops making a difference; what matters is how creatively you can employ it.
CNone of the Termites had Nobel Prizes. His test was clearly wrong. He didn't know how to measure IQ correctly.
DNo one is as intelligent as Christopher Langan. Geniuses are rare and their lives are what true success means.