Harris & Me Characters


Who is Knute Larson? A. Harris' giant, strong dad, who rarely speaks B. An old guy who works on the farm C. A cow that kicks hard D. Wild cousin, swears a lot


Who is Louie? A. Harris's giant, strong dad B. A boy who's parents are always drunk C. an old guy who works on the farm D. A huge work horse


Who is Glennis? A. Harris' sister, slaps Harris when he swears B. Harris' gentle mom C. a pretty girl, Harris likes D. an old guy who works on farm


Who is "Me"? A. the deputy who drove Gary to farm B. a cow that kicks hard C. the author, parents are always drunk D. Harris' giant, strong dad


Who are Bill and Bob? A. Huge work horses B. an evil rooster C. a cow that kicks hard D. a lynx


What gift does Harris present to his cousin on his first night with the Larsons? A. a frog B. a sling shot C. a silver six shooter D. a stuffed animal


Harris was A. was really not his cousin B. younger than his cousin C. the same age as his cousin D. older than his cousin


Harris and his cousin declare war on what animal? A. a rooster B. the pigs C. a cow D. a lynx


Glennis smacked Harris every time he A. swore B. spit C. back-talked D. lied


What was Buzzer? A. a raccoon B. a peacock C. a beagle D. a lynx