8th Grade Mid Quarter Review


What is the difference between an open loop and closed loop system?

AAn open loop system uses feedback to make adjustments.
BAn open loop system is input--> process--> output, while a closed loop system is input --> process --> output--> feedback, where feedback is used to keep the process within deired limits.
CThere is no difference.
DA closed loop system is less steps than an open loop system.

What are human needs?

ABiological needs such as fancy foods and drinks.
BPhysical needs such as clothes and shelter.
CThey are the things that make life easier.
DThey are the things a person MUST have in order to survive.

What is the difference between and invention and an innovation.

AInnovations usually improve inventions.
BInnovations cost money to make; inventions do not.
CInventions never existed until someone invented it.
DInnovations make money; inventions do not.

Why do people invent?

AThey invent to solve a problem.
BThey invent to make life easier for us.
CThey invent to make things safer for us.
DAll of the above.

What is a compound machine?

AIt is a machine that breaks down tasks.
BIt is a machine with many parts.
CIt is an electrical machine.
DIt is 2 or more simple machines working together to make work easier.

What are the 6 simple machines?

AWheel, axle, seesaw, drill, hammer, ax
BWheel and axle, pulley, lever, screw, wedge, inclined plane
CWheel, axle, ramp, screw, wedge, lever
DWheel and axle, seesaw, screw, wedge, lever, inclined plane

What is the key on the drill press?

AIt's the on/off button.
BIt's a way to make the drill press turn faster.
CIt loosens the chuck so you can change the drill bit.
DIt unlocks the closet wherte the drill press is kekpt.

Why do you need to wear safety glasses when drilling?

ATo be able to see clearly.
BTo protect your eyes in the event of a mishap.
CYou don't need to wear safety glasses.
DNone of the above.

What is mechanical advantage?

AIt measures work done.
BIt measures electrical current.
CIt is the advantage one gets when using a simple machine.
DIt is a measure of tensile strength.

Which questions might be asked during the testing and evaluation phase of the design process?

AWhy did you do this?
BWho worked on this?
CIs it safe for people and the environments?
DWhen will it be completed?

What is the MOST important thing you can do to remain safe if you chat on line?

AOnly friend people you actually know.
BChat with everyone.
CUse a fake name and a fake age.
DLet your parents know.

What is a decision matrix?

AIt is a table that is filled out when working on a project to determine which possible solution might be the best to try.
BIt is a table of formulas.
CIt is a table used for making simple decisions.
DIt is what is usually found in homes.

Why is there no perfect solution to every problem?

AThere IS a perfect solution.
BThere is ALWAYS room for improvement and innovations.
CSome problems are more difficult than others.
DPeople see things differently and have many differing opinions.

Why should you evaluate your problem before marketing?

ASafety can be evaluated and changes made before the product is available to the mass market.
BIt is less costly to find and correct a problem before marketing.
CA new technology may have become available that will make the original idea out of date.
DAll of the above.

The design process ALWAYS begins with _________________ .

BTesting and Evaluating
CCommunicating the Results
DStating the Problem

A restriction such as time or money is known as __________ .


Why do people sketch?

ASketching is a form of communication; it gives a visual explanation.
BIt is a fun hobby.
CPeople don't usually sketch.
DNone of the above.

Early tools were ________________.

Bhand held
Cmuscle powered
DBoth B and C

Lasers are used in _________.

AMaterials processing.
DAll of the above.

What is the purpose of a message?

AIt is to persuade, entertain, control, manage, or educate.
BIt is to talk to otheres.
CIt is to persuade people to buy a product.
DNone of the above.

Three different forms of renewable energy are:

APetroleum, oil, and wind energy
BWind, solar, and geothermal energy.
CPetroleum, solar, and geothermal energy.
DNuclear, petroleum, and solar energy.

The difference between renewable and non-renewable energy is:

ANon-renewable energy is limited in quantity while renewable is replenished naturally.
BRenewable energy is limited in quantity while non-renewable energy is easily replenished.
CThere is no major difference.
DNon-renewable energy is potential energey; renewable is kinetic energy.

Personal Privacy is ____________________

Athe right to keep all information from pulic view.
Bthe right to share information with the public.
Cthe right to keep certain information from public view.
Dthe right to post information on the Internet.

What is brainstorming?

AIt's a way of doing something.
BIt is a group technique to come up with ideas for solving a problem.
CIt's a modern disease from too much computer use.
DIt is when an individual comes up with many possible solutions to a problem.

What is the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane?

AMA= height/width
BMA = Length/width
CMA = Length/ Height
DAn inclined plane does not offer a mechanical advantage.